“Costa Encosta is a Webdocumentary lasting about 2h00 and runs along the coast from Praia da Assenta to Forte do Paimogo.”

Majortom was chosen by the West Geopark to idealize, realize and produce a web documentary about the West coast between the Assenta beach and the Paimogo Fort. Counting on the records of the best professionals in the area, more than two hours of documentary were
of documentary with a cinematographic approach and divided into more than 50 stories rich in multimedia content.
Twenty geosites were chosen and experts interviewed from among the best in the world. Geologists, Paleontologists, Geographers, Archaeologists, Historians, Hydro Geologists, Fishermen and storytellers.
Portugal is the country with the most dinosaur species in the world. The variety (and quality of the finds) is such that, literally, we are walking on fossils.

Duration: 2h20
Directors: Pedro Machado e Tânia Brás

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