MajorTom and Ocidental Filmes live in the “Cidade Fábrica”

MajorTom and Ocidental Filmes live in the “Cidade Fábrica”

“Cidade Fábrica” is an interactive documentary about Covilhã and the wool industry that developed there over the centuries. The project’s landing page was conceived and designed by MajorTom and the production was carried out by Ocidental Filmes.


On the landing page, it is possible to click on the images and follow the arrows and icons that appear, to follow the narrative line chronologically, from past to present; or choose the route, jumping between themes, memories and different times.


“The choice of format aims to break down barriers in audiovisual innovation,” says MajorTom. “An interactive documentary (or webdoc) is a new form of storytelling, which brings together various multimedia tools – video, photography, animation, among others – on a free and direct distribution platform. The new concept is a success in several countries”, MajorTom adds.


For the production of the project, which is directed by Inês Teixeira, Ocidental Filmes had the support of the Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual and the collaboration of Covilhã City Hall, the Wool Museum and the University of Beira Interior.



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